• Do you charge sales tax?  Yes.  Sales tax is automatically calculated at check-out based on your home address.
  • What is the ordering process and how long does it take to receive my order?  Typically the ordering window is open for one to two weeks.  Once the window closes it takes about two to three weeks to print and deliver your item.
  • What do you charge for shipping?  $5.99 per order
  • Do you permit exchanges and cancellations?  In general, no.  We will do our best to accommodate changes but all orders are custom printed.  Therefore we must decline most requests for exchanges and cancellations.  However if we make a mistake we will take whatever actions are necessary to correct an order.
  • How do you handle back orders?  Occasionally an item may be in especially high demand and difficult to find (primarily Under Armour products) when this occurs we will notify you with time estimates and give you the option of cancelling your order.